JSCocoa in Acorn

I like this KVC mini-rant from Gus Mueller’s post about writing “Acorn plug-ins in JavaScript”:gusmueller.com/blog/arch…

"While KVC hacks can be awesomely cool and amazing and generally useful... it is possible to go a bit too far. So don't use that sample code, or I'll come looking for you and slam your toe in a door or something equally painful for you and very satisfying for me."

Gus has been posting to both his personal and company blogs lately. Another neat script over on the Flying Meat blog is “this one about drop shadows”:flyingmeat.com/blog/arch…

I still get a lot of mileage out of Flying Meat’s other product, VoodooPad. I’ll be writing a follow-up to my “authoring help post”:www.manton.org/2007/01/f… in the next week or so, this time with an example document.

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