Work at sunrise

I don’t have an expensive camera and I don’t know that much about photography, but you’ll just have to trust me that the sky looked amazing this morning. Especially a few minutes before this picture was taken.


We should have another 80-degree day today before it gets cold again. As much as I complain that it doesn’t snow in Austin — that wouldn’t it be great if the kids could live a real winter at least every couple of years, the kind they read about in books and newspaper comics — I have to admit that it’s pretty nice to be outside with a t-shirt in the middle of winter.

Funny thing about mornings. I could sleep until noon every day if kids and work didn’t prevent me, but I seem to be most productive early anyway. Stepping into my home office still dreary eyed and without breakfast, catching up on tweets and email from Europeans and other night owls, then settling into source code or design or testing with some amount of quiet before the rest of the world sends another batch of distractions my way.

Forget the realities of slipping release schedules and buggy software. Morning is that special time when everything still seems possible.

Manton Reece @manton