Brent Simmons on Git, plus blog anniversary

“Brent Simmons is still looking”… for the perfect version control system:

"People talk about how wonderful are features like re-writing history — and I read that stuff and think, 'Wow, Git's really cool and powerful.' But then I know it could suck me in and take away time from _real_ work. It's _already_ more work — _for me_ — than when using Subversion."

I haven’t used Git much since Daniel and I discussed it on an early “Core Intuition” episode. Like Brent I just don’t see a big win for single-person projects, although it’s fascinating to watch how open source projects are using “Github”

I like what Brent did a few months ago with his blog redesign, how both and complement each other. He also wrote “more about his publishing system”… including a bit in passing about the tool I used to start my blog, Radio Userland.

I mention it because this blog is 7 years old today. Happy birthday to

Manton Reece @manton