Twitter @wii

Last week my “@wii” account on Twitter passed 3000 followers and seems to finally be growing strong after a year of neglect. I now try to post once every couple days with Nintendo news, and I’ll eventually throw in a tweet on new Wii Transfer updates. That was my evil plan from the beginning: have some fun with the account but also use it to build an audience and promote my own projects.

I view @wii as a gift. I don’t know how long it will be under my control. As Twitter continues to go mainstream, eventually I expect Nintendo will want my little 3-character Twitter name for themselves, and I might just be glad to hand it off. Twitter works best with a personal voice, and I’ve already all but closed some of my secondary accounts.

I’m more conflicted about what to do with the “Wii Friend Codes site” At one time I imagined it as a full Riverfold product, with integrated Mac and iPhone apps, but now I find that I lack the passion to really take it to new places. And to be honest, it works as is.

Manton Reece @manton