Introducing Clipstart

Last week I looked at the SVN log for my application in development and realized that I had started it exactly 1 year ago. While I wasn’t actively working on it every day or week during that time, that’s still a very long time for me to work on an application before shipping it. I knew I had to call the 1.0 done and push it out.

I was falling into that infinite 1.0 cycle where I could continue to improve the application forever without releasing it. The sooner I noticed that trap, the sooner I was able to correct course and get the app into the hands of real users.

The app is called “Clipstart”… It’s for importing, tagging, and uploading home movies. I have high hopes for the app and a lot of fun stuff planned for the future.

As usual, a lot of people talked about the product even before I did. My thanks to Dan Moren of Macworld for “covering the launch”… before I even had a chance to spam him with a press release; to John Gruber for “posting about how he uses it”… and to “Duncan Davidson”… and “Mike Zornek”… for their write-ups. I also very much appreciate “all the retweets” and goodwill from my friends on Twitter. Those meant a lot.

Manton Reece @manton