LEGO minifigures

My son is seriously into LEGO Star Wars right now. He’ll spend hours every day building ships, and it’s the most incredible thing watching how good he’s gotten at it over the last couple of months. For his birthday we ordered him the X-wing set, which is “all kinds of awesome”…

One of my favorite posts to this blog was partially about LEGOs. “In 2006 I wrote”…

"If the toy is made to do a few specific amazing things, with a bunch of bullet points and exclamation marks on the side of the box, be weary of it. For example, modern LEGOs come in all sorts of pre-molded shapes. If you buy the pirate set, it will be great fun for the first few days until you realize that it can only be a pirate ship. But if you buy a bucket of LEGOs (yes, they still sell these), you can build a pirate ship one day and a barn the next."

There’s a lot more to the post, and I still believe what I wrote. But it turns out that LEGO Star Wars sets are surprisingly well designed. There are very few custom pieces, and almost all the sets (we must have about 10) share the same shapes, just with different colors and for different purposes. I’m a big fan now.


Tonight we sat in bed together and looked at LEGO catalogs. I’m in those awesome years where being a dad is just like being a kid again, and this post is to capture a little part of that moment, before it’s gone.

Manton Reece @manton