My quote from “Cult of Mac”:www.cultofmac.com/i-have-be… sums up my feelings about the iPad from a business perspective:

"I was so annoyed with the closed nature of the App Store that I stopped developing for the iPhone. The iPad will still have those frustrations, but the large screen opens up a whole new class of applications. It's impossible to resist."

Will there be a “Clipstart”:www.riverfold.com/software/… for iPad? I hope so. This platform will be the future for plenty of customers. Apple lived up to the hype not because of the hardware or distribution or anything entirely revolutionary, but because of the software. Splitviews and popovers. Keynote and Pages. These apps are just as competent as their desktop versions.

Daniel and I talked about the iPad for most of “Core Intuition 26”:www.coreint.org/2010/02/e…

Manton Reece @manton