Quiet rejections, no big news

It appears I was too optimistic “in my last post”:www.manton.org/2010/03/2… about the App Store getting better.

The iPhone version of Snowtape, in development for months, “was rejected”:www.vemedio.com/blog/post… because it could let users record and share audio from the internet:

"His sole words were, that there are lots of things missing in the SDK agreement and that they can not foresee any circumstance that leads to a denial of an app. That's right! We did not violate any paragraph of the SDK, yet they forbid us distributing our app."

The developer removed the ability to transfer audio files off the phone and then Apple let the app through.

Then there’s this post “on the developer forums”:devforums.apple.com/message/1… about an iPad app rejection because they recreated a UI innovation from the new Photos app. Apple said:

"The application uses a tap and a pinch to expand feature that is present in Apple iPad Applications. This action is associated solely with Apple applications, and we kindly ask that you update your app appropriately."

I’ve been doing a bunch of iPhone and iPad development this week. The more I work with it, the more I love the platform. But it just takes a couple rejections to sour the whole experience.

And yes, I realize I’m posting this on one of the most exciting days in the history of the App Store. The first round of iPad apps hitting the store today look fantastic.

Manton Reece @manton