Neven Mrgan on Apple's focus

I hadn’t yet read “Neven Mrgan’s post”… when I wrote “my own”… yesterday, but he strikes one of the same themes I closed with:

"But with this 30% thing, the 30% I'm really interested in is, will Apple eventually see 30% of its revenue come from various cuts, percentages, deals, and obligations? If so, that means a different focus for the company — a focus on things and people farther removed from me and you. And that makes me a bit bummed out."

Of course, neither of us is filling in for Steve Jobs, and Apple can do anything they want within the law. But what Neven captures so well here is that many of us hold Apple to a higher standard because Apple has a history of creating great things. This 30% business model doesn’t seem to have any place in that history.

Manton Reece @manton