Tweetbot + Twitterrific

The second app to support “Tweet Marker” has arrived, and it’s a great one: “Tweetbot”… I love using Tweetbot on the iPhone and Twitterrific on the Mac and iPad. Seeing these apps work together just makes for a better Twitter experience.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while using apps that support Tweet Marker:

Turn it on! First things first: enable Tweet Marker in both apps on every device you plan to use Twitter on. MacStories has a good summary of this (with screenshots) for “their coverage of Twitterrific”… and “again for Tweetbot”…

What syncs? Only the main timeline and mentions sync between the apps. While working with these developers, we made a decision to change how Twitter lists sync after Twitterrific had already shipped. So while both apps think they are syncing lists, the format on the server is not compatible between the two. A future version should fix this.

How to switch apps? Most apps take the approach of saving the last-read position when the app is quit or sent to the background, and restoring it again when it is launched or brought to the front. You may need to change your default habits a little to get the most accurate behavior. When you know you are going to switch apps, just close your active Twitter client first before opening the next one. It may also help to wait for the app to download new tweets before scrolling or interacting with it.

Manton Reece @manton