Picking the right brand

You may not notice it right away, but Tweet Marker Plus is the start of a big migration for my Twitter projects. The backend infrastructure for tweetlibrary.com will be moving there, so that Tweet Marker can have access to published collections. And a major web feature to complement Tweet Library — originally written for tweetlibrary.com last year but never released — will be launching on Tweet Marker Plus instead.

Essentially, Tweet Marker will be the web app and web services. Tweet Library will be the native iOS client only.

This has a few pretty big advantages for me:

  • One web app to manage instead of two.

  • Other Twitter apps can access the collections publishing API.

  • Tweet Marker is a better brand than Tweet Library.

More people know about Tweet Marker. It just makes sense to build any new web features on top of that existing name.

The first step in this transition is ready now: published collections can be accessed via tweetmarker.net. For example, see this collection of tweets from the game Millinaut by Shaun Inman, Neven Mrgan, and Alex Ogle.

Manton Reece @manton