Writing for fun and profit

Marco Arment has a strong post on how sponsorships won’t change his writing:

“If a sponsor ever has a problem with something I write, and that affects pending or future sponsorship buys, that’s fine with me. I can find other sponsors. And if I can’t, I’ll write for free, like I did for years.”

This was part of a theme on today’s Core Intuition episode as well, not just sponsorships but also whether having an audience changes how we write tweets and blog posts. Daniel Jalkut and I have been very lucky with Core Intuition so far to have great sponsors: apps and events we already love like Marco’s own Instapaper, Smile’s TextExpander, CocoaConf, iDeveloper TV, NSConference, and Glassboard. Eventually we’ll be approached by more apps and services that we don’t have as much experience with, but as long as we keep our voice and honesty, I’m not too worried.

Manton Reece @manton