Watermark shared filters

I rolled out a small but powerful feature last night for Watermark. For a while you’ve been able to create saved filters, which are just shortcuts to quickly run a search across the Watermark database for your account. Saved filters are also cool because they automatically sync as CSV files to Dropbox. Now you can allow any of these saved filters to be shared with others.

Click “Allow saved filters” and you’ll get a link option next to each filter. That will produce URLs that can be posted to Twitter or App.net or wherever, and anyone can see the results of the search even if they don’t have a Watermark account.

It’s a way to expose a slice of your timeline and archive to other people. Here are a few that I’ve set up:

  • cingleton — Every tweet or post mentioning the Çingleton conference.

  • pdx food — Neven Mrgan’s short reviews of Portland restaurants.

  • ipad mini — Obvious query given today’s Apple event.

All of these search live across my 6-month archive of about 275,000 tweets. Remember that Twitter’s own search only goes back about a week. There’s really no other way to get this kind of data.

Manton Reece @manton