The Magazine issue 2

The second issue of Marco Arment’s The Magazine is now available, featuring essays by John Siracusa, Gina Trapani, Lex Friedman, Daniel Rutter, and Alex Knight. In the new issue, Marco writes about the risk and success of the app:

“It was a risk to release an app that can only exist in Newsstand, full of paid writing, to an audience that’s predominantly people who have a surplus of free reading material and bury their empty Newsstand folders on their last screen of apps.”

I’ve been happy with how well The Magazine fits into my mobile reading workflow. I read a lot in Instapaper and Reeder, most of it technology-related articles. The Magazine occupies a more leisurely, thoughtful space for reading, away from the frenzied pace of everyday tech news. And because it’s a handful of essays just every other week, I don’t expect to ever be overwhelmed with it in the same way that it’s easy to fall behind in never-ending RSS and Twitter feeds.

High quality, highly recommended. Congrats to Marco on the successful launch.

Manton Reece @manton