Pricing changes and Watermark Mobile 1.1

I tend to be pretty stubborn about not changing my price. Tweet Library sat at $10 for two years before I finally lowered it, and the price for Clipstart has never changed from the $29 it shipped at. I think there is something to be said for price consistency so that users feel like software is stable and doesn’t have arbitrary value. (Many people disagree with this, which is why I’d classify my opinion as equal parts instinct and stubbornness rather than a proven formula for success.)

But I’m making two pricing changes today: Tweet Library goes up to $7.99, and Watermark down to just $4/month. I’ve come to believe that the previous price changes for both products were too far in either direction. I hope this corrects that. In the case of Watermark, I will eventually be offering different plans at higher tiers for more storage, and want the entry-level price to be as appealing as possible. (All existing Watermark customers have been switched to the discounted plan.)

The little iOS app for Watermark has also been updated to version 1.1 and now features auto-renewing subscriptions. This means you can sign up directly in the iOS app and have your iTunes account charged each month. Watermark Mobile launched mostly as a convenient search interface, but it should now start receiving more regular updates.

For another recent discussion about pricing, check out part 3 of Kevin Hoctor’s excellent write-up of talks from NSConference.

Manton Reece @manton