Bitsplitting podcast

My friend Daniel Jalkut has launched his new podcast, Bitsplitting. The first episode is an interview with Guy English, and future episodes will follow a similar interview format with other developers and tech folks. I especially love that it’s an interview show because Daniel and I were never able to coordinate having regular guests on Core Intuition. I think it makes a great complement to our show or one of your other favorite podcasts.

And it’s a great time for developer podcasts! Some of my other recent favorites include Debug, Identical Cousins, and the new show from Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, Accidental Tech Podcast. Plus old favorites like Developing Perspective, NSBrief, iDeveloper Live, The Talk Show, and another half dozen I subscribe to.

I talked to a few people at NSConference last week who couldn’t get podcasts worked into their routine. If that’s you, consider that you may actually be missing out on some great content now. Even if you don’t have a commute to listen during, try picking up the earbuds next time you go for a walk or work outside or do the dishes or whatever else away from the computer. Those are the perfect times to listen to a good show, and Daniel’s is a great one to start with.

Manton Reece @manton