chat with Bill Kunz

Yesterday Bill Kunz was interviewed on Firesides, talking about his app Felix, and life as an indie developer vs. at a startup. Bill was especially open about how he used his own savings to build Felix, and some of the planning problems he ran into:

“One thing I would do differently - and this is probably going to come out wrong - but I would have stuck to my guns on my own plans better. I added quite a few niche features that ultimately ended up not being used, when I could have spent that time on the core of the app, or other projects. I burned a lot, lot, lot of time on things I ultimately didn’t need to.”

Firesides is a very nice use of You can browse chat transcripts from previous guests without signing in, or sign in with to ask questions when there’s a chat taking place. It’s a little like Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, but more readable and visually appealing, and built on the messaging platform.

Manton Reece @manton