Short and sweet job posts

I’ve been very happy to see the variety and high quality of jobs listed on our Core Intuition Jobs site. Two in particular have recently caught my attention for being concise, as if they don’t want to waste a potential candidate’s time with too many bullet points.

First up is Betaworks, which you’ve heard of as the company that now develops apps like Instapaper and Digg. Here’s the listing in its entirety:

“We're working on a bunch of brand new products at betaworks and are looking for iOS contractors to help our existing engineers move faster. We're ready to start ASAP and this gig will go through June (with the option to stay on for longer if you'd like to). Email us for more info if you're interested!”

And here’s new startup Honest Dollar, where you’ll be working in downtown Austin with my friend Justin Youens and a team looking to reinvent retirement plans for small businesses. Again, the full text:

“We're a new startup in Austin and are looking for awesome people to help build our iOS apps! We have an amazing team in place, and are looking to extend it.

“If you have at least a few years of impressive iOS experience, we’d love to talk. Relocation assistance available, but onsite desired. Full-time or contract.”

I bet both of these companies would be great places to work.

Manton Reece @manton