Deciding who we are

Dave Wiskus follows up on the response to his post about Apple Music’s Connect:

"Music is art, and someone who makes art is an artist. More importantly: who sits around waiting for labels to be bestowed upon them? I get to decide who and what I am."

Strongly agree. This fits into a larger theme that has been on my mind today.

As kids, we needed encouragement even to pursue our dreams. Too much negative feedback could quickly derail someone with the most hopeful intentions. Society said: if you’re not good enough today, give up. Tomorrow is hopeless.

As adults, encouragement from peers is still great, but by now we should have enough experience to realize that defining who we are comes from within first. The line of work, the projects we tackle, the hobbies on the side — we can change any of that with enough determination. Tomorrow anything is possible.

Manton Reece @manton