Apps on the new Apple TV

We’ve had fun since Friday exploring the App Store on the Apple TV. There are a lot of expected apps but also some nice surprises. The only app that’s really missing for us is Sling TV. As soon as that ships, we’ll no longer need the Roku.

I love apps that use full-screen photos to take advantage of the big screen — obviously games and streaming video, but even apps like Airbnb. Conrad Stoll also released a new game called Picturesque, where you try to identify photos of national parks in a time limit that varies by difficulty:

"It's always exciting when you can build a product that bridges different hobbies and interest. Picturesque combines my work as an iOS developer with my passions for Backpacking and Photography. I'm happy for the result to be both my first game and my first foray into this new platform."

It’s also great to see Space Age make the jump to the Apple TV. We’ve been playing a few games that are free downloads because we had already purchased them on iOS, including Oceanhorn and Crossy Road.

Manton Reece @manton