Apple Watch still pretty great

Stephen Hackett posted an Apple Watch follow-up recently. He has mostly stopped wearing it:

"The Apple Watch can do a lot of neat things, and I miss its fitness tracking, but so much of it just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore. It's not super useful for work, apps are still miserably slow and at times, its an additional distraction."

The Apple Watch is a very personal device. It’s okay that it’s not for everyone. There’s no network effect; the watch isn’t better or worse if other people don’t use it. And it’s even okay if most of the apps are too slow to bother with. Fitness tracking, notifications, the time — for me, those 3 simple features are enough.

Casey Liss also writes that notifications have been one of the most important features, letting him keep his iPhone ringer off:

“The Apple Watch has allowed my iPhone to transition from being a personal device to being a private one. That’s a really profound change. More so than I expected.”

Once every couple of months, I leave the house in a hurry and forget to put my Apple Watch on. I survive without it, of course, but I do miss it. After not wearing a watch for most of my life, it’s weird now if I don’t have the Apple Watch with me. I expect to use it for years to come.

Manton Reece @manton