DNS consolidation

Feels like years in the making, but I’ve finally moved all my domain names to a single provider: DNSimple. The last 3 domains went through toward the end of 2015. They were .io domains, and required calling Network Solutions to unlock. (I own 13 domains, and don’t plan to add any more for a very long time.)

I’ve found that the simplicity of having these kind of things consolidated in one place really improves keeping up with hosting and renewals. It’s the same reason I moved all my private projects to GitHub, even though it would cost more per month. It means less to worry about, so more time for coding.

Since I’ve often been thinking about the lack of permanence on the web, I also want to be more proactive about extending my domain registrations. I renewed manton.org until 2021.

If you’re interested in using DNSimple, use this referral link for a month free. All my SSL certificates are there too, although I’m keeping an eye on Let’s Encrypt.

Manton Reece @manton