Apple says macOS

Nice observation by Jason Snell from the Apple quarterly report conference call:

β€œIt probably means nothing, but when Maestri listed off Apple’s four major product platforms, he said this: β€˜We’ve built a huge installed base around four platforms: iOS, Mac OS, watchOS, and tvOS.’”

Like Jason, I’ve long wanted a return to “Mac” as the most important part of the OS name, and have suggested it a couple times on Core Intuition. It was a missed opportunity to do this transition after 10.9, when it could have cleanly gone to Mac OS 11 without the .10 and .11 silliness.

The new tvOS and watchOS branding β€” combined with Apple’s quote above β€” makes an official rebranding to β€œmacOS” at WWDC this year seem almost likely. The next major version should be macOS 11, without the β€œX” and β€œ10.x”. That would still look a little wrong compared to simply β€œMac OS”, but it would be much better than β€œOS X”, and the lowercase would be consistent with the rest of the platforms.

Manton Reece @manton
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