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I’ve never sent an email to all users until today. As indie developers, sometimes I think we worry so much about accidentally spamming a customer that we err too much on the side of sending essentially no email. As we’re at about the 1-year mark for, it seemed like a good opportunity to send an update. Here’s the text of the email that went out.

A little over a year ago we started rolling out to Kickstarter backers. So much has happened since then — from new platform features to companion apps like Sunlit and Wavelength — that I wanted to highlight a few milestones.

First, thank you for your support. We wouldn’t be able to continue to improve without the feedback from the community. Special thanks to everyone who has supported directly with a paid plan for a hosted microblog.

If you haven’t checked out lately, here are some things that happened just in the last few months:

  • We launched a microcast called Micro Monday to feature members of the community. Each week, a different user joins Jean MacDonald for a quick interview about how they blog and what they like about
  • To make it easier for anyone to create a short podcast, Wavelength lets you record, edit, and publish a microcast from your iPhone. You can also upload MP3s from the web and serve a podcast at your own domain name.
  • Sunlit is our iOS app for posting photos and discovering photos and new users to follow. It's a free app with more control over publishing stories with photos, text, and different filters.
  • There's a new theme for hosted microblogs called Marfa. We use this theme on Micro Monday.
  • Medium was added as a cross-posting option. Post to your own blog and will automatically send a copy to Medium.
  • Expanded the Discover section on the web and in the native apps to highlight photos, podcasts, and more. It's a great place to see what people are posting about or find new people to follow.

You can always add a new hosted microblog or upgrade a trial by clicking “Plans” from on the web.

Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to let us know:

— Manton

Manton Reece @manton