IndieAuth for

After posting about my time at IndieWeb Summit and the new IndieBookClub support, let me give some more details on what IndieAuth means for I spent the second day of IndieWeb Summit working on this, and it has now been rolled out to all users. (If you haven’t posted in the last few days, after your next post your microblog will be updated with the new authorization endpoints.)

IndieAuth lets you sign in to other apps using your own domain name. If is hosting a blog for you, you can use that custom domain or your subdomain like to sign in.

While this was possible before with extra configuration to delegate auth to another service, can now be an IndieAuth provider on its own. It’s much easier for IndieWeb apps to work with

Here are some apps that work great with

  • Quill: web-based interface for posting to your microblog.
  • OwnYourGram: automatically post your Instagram photos to your microblog.
  • OwnYourSwarm: automatically post your Swarm check-ins to your microblog.
  • IndieBookClub: post what books you're reading or want to read.
  • Omnibear: Chrome or Firefox extension for quick posting.
  • IndieWeb Ring: wait… what?

I’m really happy with the progress over the last week because it makes sites more useful. As I mentioned in my IndieWeb Summit keynote, the business model for is aligned with what users need. If you pay for hosting, we’ll keep making it better without worrying about ads or other user-hostile distractions.

Manton Reece @manton