Twitterrific changes for API deprecation

Iconfactory has had to make some difficult choices for the latest update to Twitterrific. From the release history:

In the coming months, Twitter plans to discontinue the underlying services that we need to provide both push notifications and live streaming. As a result, we did not feel it was right to keep selling the push notification in-app purchase since we will soon be forced to shut it down. To that end, we've consolidated our in-app purchases to a single "Enhanced" option which eliminates ads and unlocks Google Translate.

More from their blog post:

We sincerely wish Twitter would have offered third party developers a better way forward for our customers. Apps like Twitterrific helped build Twitter’s brand and expand its user base. We even contributed to its lexicon and feature sets (Tweet tweet!) Twitter’s priorities over the last several years, however, have shifted away from end users and toward brands and big companies. We have no choice but to adapt as best we can.

I post tweet-like short posts to my own blog first and then let send a copy to Twitter, so I don’t use Twitter very often except to check replies a few times a day. Looks like Iconfactory is making this as smooth a transition as possible for existing customers. If you were wondering if Twitter’s API changes were ever really going to affect Twitter users, this release of Twitterrific is your answer.

Manton Reece @manton