Migrated manton.org to Micro.blog hosting

Tonight I imported all my WordPress posts from manton.org and moved them into Micro.blog hosting. I learned a lot keeping my blog on WordPress even after launching Micro.blog, but as Micro.blog-hosted blogs improved, it just made sense for me to migrate my 2700 posts over to the new platform.

Micro.blog automatically redirects old URLs it finds in the WordPress import, but I’m still sorting out other changes that might be necessary after blogging for 16 years. (I started on Radio Userland, then Movable Type, and then WordPress.) The best thing about this move is that I’ll be able to better understand the needs of users who are also maintaining large sites on Micro.blog.

When I was on WordPress, I had 2 separate RSS feeds: one for short posts, one for long essay-like posts. Micro.blog doesn’t have separate feeds like that, so you’ll likely notice this change in your RSS reader right away. New posts will appear and older posts will likely be marked as unread. Those blips should be temporary and then everything will be back to normal.

I love how fast my site is now. Micro.blog-hosted sites are mostly static and much faster to load in your browser than my old WordPress site.

Manton Reece @manton