Microcast improvements

This week we rolled out a few improvements to podcast hosting on Micro.blog. I talked about some of it on yesterday’s episode of Timetable. Here are the changes:

  • Increased MP3 upload size to 35 MB. With the default setting in Wavelength for iPhone this is over half an hour per episode. At lower bitrates, it’s over 70 minutes.
  • Added custom email address to site settings. Google’s podcast directory apparently likes a contact email in your podcast feed, so this allows it. (But it’s blank by default in Micro.blog for privacy.)
  • Updated podcast feed to use your “about me” text as the podcast description.

Speaking of podcasts, check out the latest episode the Supertop podcast. In addition to updates about their podcast client Castro, they cover my blog post about Anchor and other thoughts on what impact Anchor might have on the podcast industry.

Manton Reece @manton