Core Intuition 345

We posted the latest Core Intuition this weekend. It’s a 45-minute episode without sponsor breaks dedicated to the Mojave release and Mac App Store. More from the show notes:

macOS Mojave is out! Daniel and Manton talk about the ephemeral nature of App Store features, and the wisdom of not investing too much stock in being featured, or any other external recognition. They catch up on the state of the Mac App Store and wonder about the expected App Store versions of BBEdit and Transmit. Finally, they talk about their own continuing plans for supporting Mojave, particular with respect to Dark Mode.

As part of hopefully consolidating a couple of my servers, I’ve moved the MP3 hosting to Libsyn. We have 10 GB of previous episodes, so I’m still not entirely sure what the best long-term hosting solution is. We’ve changed our mind a few times over the podcast’s 10-year history.

Manton Reece @manton