Not just for bloggers

Sometimes I hear from people who decide isn’t for them because it’s “just for bloggers”. On the one hand, they aren’t wrong; it is partly a blog hosting platform. But I think that feedback reveals less that there’s a fundamental mismatch and more about how much we still need to improve the user experience. One of the key points of is to encourage more people to post content at their own site, even if traditional blogging tools were too much trouble for them.

There’s evidence that this part of the mission for is working. There are many people who could never get blogging to stick until they tried Some of them are featured on the Micro Monday podcast.

Whether it’s Twitter-like posting, photo blogging, microcasting, or using as a full web site at a custom domain name, there are millions of people who would post more often if it was easier. If you tried a year ago, consider trying it again! It is significantly better now than it was at launch, and as it continues to improve I hope that many more people who “aren’t bloggers” will find a home at

Manton Reece @manton