Usernames on now has 3 distinct styles of usernames to make the platform more compatible with other services:

  • usernames, e.g. @you. These are simple usernames for @-mentioning someone else in the community.
  • Mastodon usernames, e.g. When you search for these usernames, will look for the user in another federated Mastodon instance so that you can follow them.
  • IndieWeb-friendly domain names, e.g. This is where I always thought we’d go for more distributed “the web is the social network” interactions. Replying to one of these usernames will send a Webmention to that user’s external web site.

I’m @manton on, my blog is, and because blogs support the ActivityPub API, you can follow me from Mastodon by using

I just rolled out some ActivityPub-related reply improvements. I’ll continue to improve the timeline so that these usernames can all coexist nicely. We’ll also be updating the native apps to better support these usernames, for highlighting and auto-completion.

Manton Reece @manton