Timetable migrated to Micro.blog

Earlier this year I migrated 15 years of posts on manton.org to Micro.blog blog hosting. Today I finished moving over 100 episodes of my podcast Timetable to Micro.blog podcast hosting. I had gotten out of the routine of recording Timetable, and I think moving it to Micro.blog will simplify the setup and make me publish the podcast more often.

Timetable had been hosted on WordPress using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. There were at least a few ways I could’ve moved the episodes, but ultimately I decided on the following:

  1. Downloaded all the MP3s to my Mac.
  2. Adjusted the WordPress settings to show 120 recent posts in the feeds, then saved the resulting JSON Feed of all episodes. This let me parse the JSON much more easily than working with the WordPress API or XML.
  3. Wrote a Ruby script that uses the Micropub API to upload each MP3, then create a new post with an audio tag, preserving the original post content and date.
  4. Pointed timetable.manton.org to use Micro.blog.

Even if you don’t know Ruby, hopefully you can see in the script how easy is it to work with Micropub, which Micro.blog uses as its native interface to create posts and upload files. I just call out to the curl command-line tool to do the work.

If you’re new to Timetable, each episode is only about 5 minutes. Some of my recent favorites include episode 91 (Lose yourself), episode 92 (Good, better, best), and episode 100 (One year).

Manton Reece @manton