ActivityPub for your blog

Last week we launched support for the ActivityPub API in This is a major feature to add compatibility with Mastodon, including:

  • Mastodon users can follow posts from your blog using a username like
  • Mastodon users can reply to your posts, and those replies will show up in your timeline.
  • You can follow Mastodon users from within
  • You can reply to Mastodon posts in, and those replies will also flow back to Mastodon.

Unlike cross-posting (which also supports), enabling ActivityPub in does not use a separate Mastodon account. Everything can be accessed from within using your custom domain name as your web identity. I’ve mostly been testing with Mastodon, but as we continue to test and improve this feature it should also work with non-Mastodon ActivityPub servers.

There are a few steps to get started:

  1. Pick a custom domain name. For me, this was easy: I wanted to use
  2. After setting up to host your blog, point the domain name to We have a help page about this.
  3. will send an email when SSL is enabled for your blog. If there are any delays, don’t hesitate to email us at and I will make sure your blog is updated and ready for ActivityPub.
  4. Click on Account → ActivityPub → “Set Mastodon-compatible Username”. Here you can choose what username other Mastodon users can find you with.

Thanks to everyone who has already tried enabling this on their account! We have learned a lot and fixed several bugs with conversations across both platforms. Looking forward to where this goes.

Manton Reece @manton