Core Intuition 350 and M.b follow-up

We start this week’s Core Intuition by following up on the Mastodon integration in From the show notes:

Manton reports back to Daniel about the first week after adding Mastodon integration to They talk about the merit and necessity of spending time marketing after all the coding work we do. Daniel talks about his recent struggle implementing support for Google’s OAuth2, and finally they talk about Apple’s new Hardened Runtime and the associated app notarization service Mac apps that are distributed outside the Mac App Store.

It’s nice to hit episode 350, but I was just listening to ATP’s 300th episode today and realized that they have reached their milestone in about half the number of years that it took me and Daniel. We didn’t record very often in the early years, and even now usually miss a couple weeks here and there, so I expect ATP will eventually pass us up in total episodes. 🙂

Manton Reece @manton