How to support

I often say that is a success if more people blog. One of the most important goals is to encourage people to post at their own domain name. For more about why that matters and what I think’s role is among other social networks, see my post about the way out.

But we hear from a lot of people who want to succeed in more concrete terms as well. They want it to be a larger business that can hire more developers and curators. I want that too! is the most ambitious platform I’ve built and as it grows we will need more help scaling it.

If you believe in what we’re trying to do with, here are a few simple ways to support the platform:

  • Subscribe to one of the blog hosting plans. You get your own domain name, themes, photo or podcast hosting, the new Mastodon-compatible support, and much more. This is what I use to host my own blog and podcast.
  • Give a friend a blog subscription. If you already have a paid subscription yourself, click Plans → “Give” to invite someone to and pay for their first year of blog hosting at a discount.
  • Tell everyone what you like about We don’t have any gimmicky viral features to spread the word automatically. For other people to find out about, you’ll have to post to your blog, tweet a link, or talk about it on your podcast.

We are approaching 2 important milestones: the 1-year anniversary of the public launch, and nearly 2 years since the Kickstarter. has improved significantly since then and it will continue to get better with your support. Thanks!

Manton Reece @manton