Micro.blog milestone: first year open to the public

One year ago today, after months of feedback from Kickstarter backers, we opened up Micro.blog to the public. In that time, we’ve watched the community grow, seeing more folks than ever writing on their own blogs while sharing in the Micro.blog timeline and participating in conversations. We are proud of maintaining our commitment to a safe community space where harassment is not tolerated while promoting independent blogging.

We’ve also added a lot of functionality to the platform during this first year. To mark the anniversary, we are highlighting 12 features of Micro.blog over the next 12 days. We’re kicking off the 12 days of microblogging with a major hosting feature that rolled out earlier this year: microcasting.

What are microcasts? Just short podcasts. A major idea behind Micro.blog is that if blog posts are shorter and easier to post, more people will stick with writing on their own site every day. Podcasting should be easier too.

As I wrote when announcing microcast hosting and our companion app Wavelength:

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether that’s through short microblog posts, longer essays, photo blogs, conversations with friends, or now through podcasts, I hope that the Micro.blog platform and suite of apps can help.

I’ve been so excited to see new podcasts launch on Micro.blog, including our very own Micro Monday hosted by Jean MacDonald. For today’s episode, Jean interviews long-time blogger and Mac developer Brent Simmons about his podcast The Omni Show and working on the new NetNewsWire feed reader.

You can find recent episodes from a variety of microcasts in the Discover section of Micro.blog. Also check out Microcast.club, a directory of microcasts. Get started with your own microcast with this help article and join our Slack community where the friendly folks in the #microcast channel can help with questions.

Tune in tomorrow for day 2 of our 12 days of microblogging series.

Manton Reece @manton