12 days of microblogging: business sites

It’s the 8th day in our 12 days of microblogging blog post series. Most Micro.blog accounts use the author’s name — personal blogs, writing about everyday topics or sharing stories and photos. But since Micro.blog-hosted blogs can have a custom design, separate pages, and a domain name, you can also have a microblog for your business, or use it as your main web site.

Because one of the goals of Micro.blog is to encourage people to post to their own blog more often, using a blog for your business site can also help keep it up to date, so that when customers visit there is recent news or product updates. The Omni Group has taken this one step further for their microblog at microblog.omnigroup.com, posting not just links to new software releases and screenshots of features, but also fun stuff like what they’re having for lunch at the office and cat pictures.

For Micro.blog, we realized recently that we were missing a company blog. We have the help account and we have my personal blog, but not everyone should have to follow me to get important news such as the latest iOS update or even the blog post series you’re reading now. So today we’re adding a new blog: news.micro.blog.

This new microblog will mostly link to other blog posts from me or Jean or Jon, as a way of collecting everything in one place. As we expand it, we’ll integrate it into the help site and Micro.blog home page.

Previous posts in this series included topics like podcasting, photos, travel blogs, and sharing your content to other social networks, which is particularly useful for business blogs. See the full list here.

Manton Reece @manton