Micro.blog news and help accounts

We’re changing the official Micro.blog user accounts so that they are easier to follow. It used to be that everyone automatically followed @help, where we posted occasional announcements. From now on, @help will mostly be used for replying to questions, with a new default account @news.

You can unfollow @help if you don’t want to see those replies in your timeline. New users will no longer automatically follow @help.

Here’s a summary of the different accounts and blogs:

And for the Micro.blog team:

In addition, Micro.blog user @simonwoods maintains 2 blogs with updates about Micro.blog and “Today I Learned” for tips:

Email is still a great way to get an answer to a question, but by splitting out these accounts we can be more responsive on @help as well. I think this setup will work better as the community grows.

Manton Reece @manton