New features: saved drafts on, updated macOS app, Tumblr import

We’ve rolled out some more improvements to For blogs hosted on, you can now save a post draft to, then come back later to edit and publish it. The macOS app has been updated with support for drafts and a new “Posts” section to make editing or searching your existing posts much easier.

Here’s a short video of the new feature on the Mac:

Saving drafts works on the web version of or from the macOS app. We’ll be updating the iOS app soon.

You can also now import from a Tumblr blog. Choose Posts β†’ Import to upload the export file you receive from Tumblr. will import any photos in the archive and add them to your own domain name hosted on’s posting API has been updated with support for additional Micropub API features: retrieving a list of your own posts, marking a post as a draft, and updating the title or text in an existing post. This should make it easier for apps to support editing.

Manton Reece @manton
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