Instagram videos to

If you’re still using Instagram but want to copy your photos and videos to your own microblog, a great solution is OwnYourGram. This is a free service that checks your Instagram account for new photos and videos, then sends them to your microblog automatically. Along with video support in, we’ve also improved support for videos from OwnYourGram.

First, make sure you’re on the podcast + video hosting plan on For $10/month, we’ll host audio and video for you in addition to photos, and generate a podcast feed for you if you ever want to start a podcast later. You can upgrade here.

Next, follow the instructions on this help page for setting up your account so that it works with Instagram. This just means telling about your Instagram username, and telling Instagram about your microblog.

You can use OwnYourGram to send a specific video from Instagram to to test that everything is working. After that, OwnYourGram will check Instagram for new photos and videos and send them to your microblog. Photos and videos on are real blog posts, so you can always edit the posts later after they are created automatically.

Manton Reece @manton