The fastest way to blog

Advertisements often make broad claims that their products are the “best” or “easiest” or “most popular”. These statements are impossible to prove, and I think make the marketing weaker because they sound like an exaggeration.

We’ve redesigned the home page for new users, to better explain what actually is. I wanted to emphasize that it is both a blogging platform and also a great community, as well as highlight who our team is.

As a sort of tag line, I wrote that is “the fastest way to blog”. I like describing it in terms of speed because it also implies ease of use. If it’s simple and fast, more people will blog. is the blog you will actually use.

But is it true? I’ve used many blog platforms over the years, and I can’t think of one that is faster to go from idea to starting a post to publishing it. In the native app for macOS:

  • ⌘-N to start a new post.
  • Type something.
  • ⌘-return to publish.

It’s the same basic workflow on iOS and the web. By default, you don’t need to worry about a title field or categories or any other UI getting in the way. This focus on simplifying blogging means there’s no tabbing or clicking around unless you need more advanced features.

There is still a lot we can improve, especially how quickly a post shows up in the timeline after publishing it. I just tweaked that today. By stating up-front that performance matters, it’s a constant reminder to make everything faster. But in terms of the workflow of drafting a new post, I think has a clear advantage.

Manton Reece @manton