Simplifying the subscriptions

I want to give everyone a heads-up about a change we’re making next week. When launched, it was really important to me that the service was as affordable as possible. Because of that, there were options to use it for free with an external blog, use it with the $2/month cross-posting, or have host your blog for $5/month. We later added podcasting and video hosting for $10/month.

As has improved, I think our blog hosting has become a great value. The price of the $5 subscription won’t change. But the $2 subscription introduces a lot of confusion. It’s priced per domain name, and it’s not obvious when or how to switch between the different plans. It also adds a lot of complexity on the backend to manage all the possible subscriptions.

To fix this, we’re removing the $2 plan and updating the $5 blog hosting to also include cross-posting from any domain name. If you’re only using the $2 cross-posting, don’t worry. We will switch you to the new plan but apply a $3 monthly credit to your account indefinitely, effectively keeping your original pricing.

Pricing has always been interesting because it needs to appeal to people who just want a new social network (usually $0/month) but also to people who want a great blog host (often $20/month). I think these changes keep the right balance to accommodate the different needs that people have with, while making it simpler for new users. Thanks for your support!

Manton Reece @manton