Dialog open source and the IndieWeb

Dialog is a full-featured Micro.blog app for Android. Jacky Alciné blogged about it today while thinking about Micro.blog and IndieWeb mobile apps:

I decided to look at the client landscape for micro.blog, the most mature social platform that’s built around IndieWeb principles. I defined maturity as a platform that allowed immediate on-boarding into the community, provided a very simple (no-explainer) interface on how to get started and made it easy to go beyond it. That level of support is something I want my suite of tools to have - and I’m still working on it.

Because Dialog is such a polished app and already open source, I wondered if it could be the foundation for additional IndieWeb-related features for Android users. The official repository with the source code for Dialog is on Gitlab here.

I’ve also copied it to the Micro.blog account on GitHub, in case it’s useful for any GitHub users to browse or fork the code there. Thanks again to Mike Haynes for Dialog and for making it available in Google Play, as well as open-sourcing it!

Manton Reece @manton