Filter posts into categories

As more bloggers use categories to organize their posts, I want to keep making categories more useful while retaining the simplicity of microblogging by default. Today we’ve added an option on the web (under the new “…” button when starting a new post) to choose categories right as the post is being created, as well as a new interface that can filter blog posts into categories based on the text in those posts.

For a while we’ve had a feature to automatically filter photo posts into a category. If you create a category called Photos or Photography, gives you this simple checkbox on the categories screen:

Photos checkbox

This is powered by filters that look for a match in the title or text of a post and then set a category for you automatically. These filters can now be managed from a new “Edit Filters” button on the categories screen on the web:

Filters list

By default, filters are applied to new posts only. To also apply the filter to all posts, there’s a new “Run Filter” button. For blogs with thousands of posts, make sure to give a little time to update all your posts and publish them to your blog.

Manton Reece @manton