Saying goodbye to Facebook cross-posting

I’ve removed the option for Facebook cross-posting on Facebook recently disabled our API access, and my initial request for re-approval was denied. While I hope to eventually get it enabled again, I don’t want to have a feature on that is broken.

A year ago Facebook turned off API access for creating new posts unless they were sent to a Facebook page. I adapted to that change, but it already severely limited the usefulness of cross-posting to Facebook. At the time, Bridgy disabled all Facebook support:

Facebook’s moves to restrict its API to improve privacy and security are laudable, and arguably the right idea, but also mean that users can no longer use third party apps like Bridgy to create posts.

I hope that by officially saying goodbye to Facebook support we can focus on making the other cross-posting options in more robust. I’m currently looking into improving LinkedIn support, and we recently added Tumblr cross-posting to go along with Twitter, Medium, and Mastodon.

Facebook and even Instagram are at odds with the principles of the open web. I never want to remove a feature that users find valuable, but in this case we have little choice, and it’s best for to move on.

Manton Reece @manton