Book ship date and pre-order

As 2016 was winding down, I was determined to start 2017 with something new. On January 2nd, I launched the Kickstarter campaign for and a book I’m writing called Indie Microblogging.

In the years since then, I’ve put everything into to fulfill my promise to Kickstarter backers. does way more than I had dreamed it could do 3 years ago. But the more I put into, the more it needed of me, and the book kept taking a back seat until now.

I’ve set the ship date for the book: January 2nd, 2020. It will be published on the web for all Kickstarter backers, and if you missed the Kickstarter you can pre-order the book now for $20. The money goes right back into so that Jean, Jon, and I can continue improving the platform and growing the community.

When completed the book will be over 50 short chapters in 6 major parts, plus intro and conclusion sections that get to the mission of Indie Microblogging and the next steps. It will also feature several interviews.

You can view the draft table of contents here and pre-order the book. Thank you for your support.

Manton Reece @manton