Starting small

Jean MacDonald has a great wrap-up post about the Microblogvember daily blogging challenge and the value of looking for “micro” versions of bigger projects:

Ever since I became the community manager of, I’ve developed an appreciation for the beauty of going “micro”: microposts, microcasts, micro meetups, microcosms of interesting humans interacting online on a human scale.

This is a key part of’s mission. Many people find writing a full-length blog post too daunting, but break it down into micro-sized posts and it’s easier for everyone. Jean continues:

This is what I like about a micro approach. Start with something small, and build on that. It also works with podcasting, for example. has spawned several microcasts (including our own Micro Monday) by making it easy to start small.

It reminds me of why we’ve added so many “full” blogging features to hosting, like longer posts, file uploads, categories, custom themes, standalone web pages, and podcast hosting. After you’ve “started small” and have a nice routine with microblog posts, the platform should grow to accommodate whatever you need next.

Manton Reece @manton