Announcing the IndieWebCamp Austin speakers

I’m happy to announce that we have 3 short keynotes planned for the first morning of IndieWebCamp Austin! After coffee and breakfast tacos, we’ll get the day started with an introduction to the schedule and our featured speakers.

Natalie Hester — Natalie keeps a gratitude journal on where you can see snapshots of her life as a full-time partner to Ryan, new mom to Aria, and academic fundraiser. She will be talking about her unlikely journey away from Facebook and what it’s like being a new mom on social media.

Pace Smith — Pace is a queer trans intersectional feminist Sufi bridger. She codes, podcasts, blogs, makes indie games, writes limericks, and tries to make the world a better place. She will be talking about the role of the bridger and building trust on the web.

Aaron Parecki — Aaron is an IndieWeb co-founder and security architect at Okta. He is the editor of several IndieWeb specifications at the W3C. He will be talking about using an Indie Reader to take control of how he follows and responds to people online.

Before we break for lunch, we’ll plan the afternoon sessions. If you’ve never attended an IndieWebCamp before, the rest of the sessions are organized by attendees. This helps adapt the conference to the topics that attendees are interested in.

I hope you’ll join us! Register here for $10.

Manton Reece @manton