Moving from Mailchimp to SendGrid

For the last couple of years we’ve used Mailchimp’s Mandrill service to send transactional emails from These emails are for when you get a link to sign in, or a reminder that your trial expired. It was convenient to have everything in Mailchimp because we also used it to send our newsletters.

Because Mandrill was going to be down for maintenance a couple weeks ago, I decided to switch over to SendGrid. I’ve used SendGrid in the past and while I left disappointed at the time, that was years ago and I recently got some great help from a SendGrid employee while troubleshooting Sign in with Apple. It was easy to switch back.

I’m also moving our newsletter emails over to SendGrid and hope to resume sending the Micro Monday newsletter this week. The savings are significant. We were paying MailChimp about $220/month. On SendGrid, the comparable set of plans will be only $65/month.

Daniel and I talked more about sending email on Core Intuition a couple weeks ago. We’ve had some good feedback from folks about their favorite email providers, both for and against nearly every popular service, so I wanted to document the change here on the blog.

Manton Reece @manton