Refresh button for feeds

While we have greatly improved the performance of publishing new posts to your microblog and refreshing feeds, there are still occasional hiccups where posts don’t appear in the timeline as fast they should. Today I’m adding an obvious feature: a refresh button!

Refresh button screenshot

This screenshot is from the Account → “Edit Feeds & Cross-posting” screen. The refresh button simply tries to download your feed again as soon as possible, instead of waiting in the backlog of potentially thousands of other feeds is checking.

You should very rarely have to click this. is always checking your feeds for new posts. But if your posts aren’t appearing in the timeline right away after they show up on your microblog, this button will help speed up the process if anything is stuck because of errors.

Behind the scenes, the refresh button is just sending POST /ping with your feed URL. This is automatic for sites and can be automated from external hosting as well.

Manton Reece @manton